Date: 27/11/2021
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Sweden boasts record high population growth and Ethnic population increase predicted in Denmark

From the Swedish edition of The Local
The Swedish population grew more in 2009 than it has in any year since 1946, according to new figures from Statistics Sweden (Statistiska centralbyrån - SCB). The increase is attributed to high birth and immigration rates, as well as sharply reduced emigration and fewer deaths.
Immigration also contributed to the marked population growth. SCB estimates that 102,000 immigrants moved to Sweden in 2009. The largest group of immigrants are returning Swedish citizens, followed by Iraqis and Somalians. The number of Iraqi immigrants has dropped by about 30 percent compared to 2008, while the number of Somalian immigrants has increased by 50 percent.
Over the last decade, the number of births in Sweden has increased every year.
SCB also estimates that 14 percent of the Swedish population were born abroad. The largest group is made up of 173,000 people born in Finland, followed by 117,000 born in Iraq. Almost 400,000 individuals born in Sweden have two parents who were born abroad.
The comments show concern that the large families of immigrants from outside Northern Europe and the lack of contribution made to Swedish society by some of the immigrant groups is changing Sweden "at the expense of permanently altering her historic and cultural fabric."
Elsewhere in
The Local is an example of this sort of change and expense it causes.
An increased police presence has led to a distinct reduction in crime figures for flashpoint Malmö suburb Rosengård, according to local media reports.
At the height of last year's troubles, police and fire rescue services were attacked with rocks and stones on a regular basis. Police were subsequently allocated more resources in a bid to get to grips with the problem, a move that led to the arrest over the course of 2009 of several leading crime figures in the predominantly immigrant neighbourhood.
Malmö city authorities have also pumped nine million kronor ($1.2) into improving living conditions in the area this year.
The Copenhagen Post
In 40 years, every sixth person in this country will be defined as ‘ethnic’, statistical study shows.
Approximately 21 percent of people living in Denmark in 2050 will be descendents of immigrant, suggests a report from Danmarks Statistik
Unfortunately, the statistical trend has also manifested itself negatively on the crime figures. Male descendants of immigrants are represented heavily in crime statistics as they commit 33 percent more crime than all other groups put together.
Oh dear! This seems to be a trend.