Date: 06/12/2021
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A Pointed Musical Interlude: Scrooge Sees The Light (Alastair Sim)

Watch, and listen, here.

Then please ask yourself what NER provides for you, in your daily life.



Something that you recognize as being of worth, to you and to others? 

NER needs the support of its readers. How else can we be expected to survive? If we weren't hoping to be, and most definitely needing to be, on the receiving end, as we assume Eleemosynary Position #1, we would  -- if positions were reversed, if it had been you supplying the text and texture, and we had been the ones reading and profiting from what you offered us, and in the process helping us, on average, to become 27% more intelligent, with every passing year -- cheerfully empty our pockets for PayPal, or write a check, or whatever means might best fit the bill. As cheerfully as Alastair Sim does when he sees the light, as Dickens gave him to see the light, in A Christmas Carol.