Date: 28/01/2022
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Christmas twaddle, or the nadir of zeniths

Christmas is the season of goodwill to all twaddle. Television is terminally twaddled, and as the newspapers all tell us,  "we" -  that is the conspiratorial "we" of journalists - don't mind because we're too tired or sozzled to notice. But the newspapers themselves are not immune from twaddling.

Reviewing Meryl Streep's latest film, The Sunday Times' Christopher Goodwin twaddles thus:

It seems astonishing that Streep, 60, is at the pinnacle of a career that has had many pinnacles.

How so? If the career has had many pinnacles, surely the latest pinnacle can't come as a surprise. It's just another pinnacle in a long line of pinnacles. Streep must be all pinnacled out by now. Or is this pinnacle bigger than all the others, and if it is, how can the others be proper pinnacles? And is there a bigger pinnacle round the corner, or is Streep over the hill, pinnacle-wise?

Perhaps they're mind-forged pinnacles, in which case each can be bigger than the last, and no harm done.