Date: 22/01/2022
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"Since Mexican political leaders from the ruling party and the opposition have been demanding that the United States ignore, alter or abolish its own immigration laws, they have opened their own internal affairs to American scrutiny. The time has come to examine Mexico's own glass house."

---J. Michael Waller, who is the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Professor of International Communication at the Institute of World Politics, and Vice President for Information Operations at the Center for Security Policy.

Prof. Waller proceeds to examine Mexico's treatment of immigrants in a paper here.


"In brief, the Mexican Constitution states that:

"--Immigrants and foreign visitors are banned from public political discourse.
"--Immigrants and foreigners are denied certain basic property rights.
"--Immigrants are denied equal employment rights.
"--Immigrants and naturalized citizens will never be treated as real Mexican citizens.
"--Immigrants and naturalized citizens are not to be trusted in public service.
"--Immigrants and naturalized citizens may never become members of the clergy.
"--Private citizens may make citizens arrests of lawbreakers (i.e., illegal immigrants) and hand them to the authorities.
"--Immigrants may be expelled from Mexico for any reason and without due process."