Date: 05/07/2020
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Club for Sloth (Cont.)
OK, it's nearly 11 o'clock and I've spend THE WHOLE MORNING sitting in an armchair reading Mark Steyn's book. There are many, many other things I should have been doing—writing NR editorials, for e.g.  Mark is so readable, though—even though much of the book is warmed-over journalism that I recalled reading before.  Irresistible.

I'm sorry to report, though, that all the doubts my paleocon friends voice about Mark ended up at the front of my mind.  There are too many contradictions in his outlook.  Minimal govt. at home, but a huge imperialist effort at spreading our values abroad?  Well, it worked for the Victorian Brits, but that was then—when, as Mark himself points out many times, the demographic balance was all different.  Heck, everything was all different.  Like many another, Mark is dazzled to blindness by the example of the British Empire.  Note to Mark:  It was a one-off.

At the end of the book Mark says we have three options:  submission to Islam, the destruction of Islam, or the reform of Islam.  Just so, just so. 

Now I have to get on with doing the things I should have been doing all morning, at triple speed.