Date: 11/08/2020
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Worse than Nazism (con't)

"Hugh says:

'But there is no need to make such pronouncements as 'Islam is worse than Nazism.' Few will be convinced, and many will be repelled, by such hyperbole. Islam, as a doctrine, is dangerous, very dangerous. It is more effective and potent in its appeal than Nazism, but not worse in its ideology."

"I am not out to convince anyone but I politely disagree with you. For one thing, it is NOT an ideology it is a religion - a religion incorporating extreme cruelty and infinite capacity for hate. Because its a religion this is more evil than Nazism."-- from a reader

Why should whether or not some belief-system is called a "religion" make any difference in our judgment of it? For you, the fact that Islam is called a "religion" makes it more evil than Nazism, even if the victims of the Nazis could do nothing to escape their fate, of being murdered, whereas non-Muslims can do something to avoid the same fate -- accept permanent status as dhimmis (in the case of the Ahl al-kitab, People of the Book, but not Hindus or Buddhists or others) or "revert" to Islam. Horrible, but not death.

For Bush and company, the fact that Islam is a "religion" is a point in its favor, because they are of the mind that a "religion" is necessarily a Good Thing. One should neither attribute Good nor Evil to this or that belief system depending on whether it is, or is not called, a religion. Stick to its actual contents, as demonstrated by what is in the texts, by what can be interpreted away or not, why how the adherents of that particular religion, invoking its tenets, have behaved over time and through space.

That's what matters. Why anyone should find Islam "worse than Nazism" because it is called, by some (not me) a "religion" is beyond me (but apparently not some).