Date: 21/09/2020
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Still more re: Worse than Nazism

The reader below appears to think, by quoting that unhelpful and idiotic line "better red than dead" that those who over the past 1300 years were forcibly converted to Islam should all have cheerfully or stoically accepted death. That is that poster's way of fending off my pointing out that the Nazis wished to kill, and did kill, whole categories of people, and those categories would only have inexorably expanded had the Nazis been victorious, and not, as he (or she) may think, have generously been done away with, and the term "Aryan" made capacious enough to include many of those peoples who were conquered.

I summarize, and repeat: Islam is harder to fight than the Nazis for several reasons.

First, there is Islam's false universalist claim, a claim that hides Arab supremacism sufficiently, it seems, to allow 80% of the world's Muslims, so far (but not if I had my druthers) to avoid noticing this, which should be obvious.

Second, Islam is harder to fight because its instruments of Jihad include things that are not recognized as instruments. This includes relentless, well-financed, carefully-targetted campaigns of Da'wa, with the economically and psychically marginal the first but not the only victims.

Third, Islam includes among its adherents people of varying levels of belief, from those who were simply born into it, remain ignorant or a little fuzzy (sometimes deliberately so) about some of its textual commandments, and continue to exhibit a filial piety but not much more, to those who exhibit the fanaticism of members of Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Gemaa Islamiyya, Lashker-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Ansar al-Sunna, and all the mix-n'-match variants on these, with "hezb" and "jaish" and "laskar" and "jemaa" and "ikhwan" and "jihad" and "sunna" and "ansar" the lexical building blocks for these groups of black-balaclavaed bezonians, clutching their kalashnikovs, goosestepping down the streets of camps and cities wherever they can, intent on impressing their followers and terrorizing their enemies.

But Islam qua Islam is not more hideous or viciious as a doctrine than was Nazism. It still allows for the life-saving forced "reversion" that one can still choose. It is horrible, and the status of "tolerated" non-Muslim is one of permanent degradation, humiliation, and physical insecurity. But anyone hunted down by the Nazis would certainly have been glad to accept such a status rather than go to Treblinka, Belzec, or Auschwitz. Let's not muddy the moral or mental waters in our understandable passion and fury over the menace of Jihad. Let's keep things straight.