Date: 25/10/2020
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Give me Morison and Commager

"I thought Islamic History was taught in Israeli schools."-- from a reader

No. None.
And still worse, Israeli history -- the real history of the Land of Israel -- is not taught in Israeli schools either.

But do you think Islamic History is taught in the schools of Western Europe? Do you think it is taught in the United States? I mean the real thing, not what Esposito and MESA Nostra members put out, or Muslim-financed "teacher workshops" are now pouring into the ears and down the throats of willing, naive teachers, happy to have a "Summer Institute on Teaching About Islam" to go to, proud that they will be "pioneers" in this new field, and utterly unaware of what they are being fed, and how they are being used.

And do you think the history of the United States is now properly studied in American schools? Those idiotic textbooks full of pictures and a thin rivulet of text, the prose such that cats and dogs can understand, and only cats and dogs would not be bored with such phrasing, carefully written and vetted not to offend (except to offend against the God of Truth, who doesn't much care for what he has been reading lately in the American history textbook line).

Give me my Morison and Commager. Give me my Arrows of Desire.

And so on.

You too.