Date: 05/08/2020
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The Donald disarms (some) critics

More on Trumpville on the North Sea:

DONALD Trump's dream of building one of the world's greatest golf courses on an environmentally sensitive stretch of Scottish coastline is "powerfully" supported by local and national planning policies, it was claimed yesterday.

A detailed planning document in support of the £1 billion golf resort development claims that, despite the fears of bird charity the RSPB and other environmental groups, birdlife will benefit because there will be no shooters left on the former sporting estate to kill them.

Comment #9 to this story is interesting:

The enviroment is far better off having a hunt club there, golf courses by their very nature are the most chemically-treated places you will ever visit, the are no insects or any other normal types of life in their, in illinois, a developer bought a 18 hole course that was about 75 years old. When the bulldozers began to work, the air-borne chemicals were in such high concentration, it caused the EPA to issue a 'stop work' order! Hunters look at the whole picture, IMHO, and see themselves as a part of the life-cycle of this increasingly nutty planet...

I haven't met all the hunters out there, but the ones I've known fit that portrait.  As for myself, I've hunted wild dogs endangering cattle in my charge and I've shot my share of rabbits trying to eat kitchen gardens.  Can't say I enjoyed it, the killing, but getting better at it with practice gave me some small satisfaction.  Aberdeenshire needs to study Atlantic City, especially the part of that city's story where a Donald Trump was the only thing between them and sliding into the sea.  What a choice!