Date: 29/09/2020
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Is there is Muslim equivalent of "Uncle Tom?"

The phrase "Uncle Tom" exists as a pejorative, intended to describe a certain kind of black man deemed subservient to whites. But another phrase needs to be invented, to describe the black man who is subservient to Arabs and to Muslims. For the long history of Arab Muslim enslavement of black Africans, in a cruel trade that specialized in castrating young boys in situ and then marching them by slave coffle and then sometimes by dhow from Pemba and Zanzibar (see the islamized women still today, clad in their bui buis, in Zanzibar, where a revolt by black Africans finally overthrew, a few decades ago, their Arab masters but left intact the legacy of Islam) thence to the entrepot of Muscat, and then on to Riyadh and Jiddah, Damascus and Baghdad, Cairo and Constantinople, or across the Sahara to Algiers and Tunis and Sale. Perhaps someone knows that such a word or phrase already exists, most likely in Swahili, but possibly in one of the Kwa languages of West Africa, or in Igbo, Yoruba, or Hausa.

Such a term is needed. We need such a term to describe the likes of Mahdi Bray, and to describe all those who, thinking they have thrown off all mental yokes, in fact willingly become slavish adherents of Islam, the vehicle for Arab linguistic, cultural, and political imperialism.

Anyone out there have suggestions for the Muslim equivalent of "Uncle Tom"?