Date: 16/07/2020
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A wee dram only

Whisky, I am now told, is the Scottish spelling. None of this usquebaugh stuff, apparently. And Whiskey, I'm told, is the Irish. So Compton Mackenzie's book made into a movie must have been "Whisky Galore" not "Whiskey Galore."

You must know the wish:

"To an isle in the water/with her would I fly"

When you are sailing to that isle and you are three sheets to the wind, you would  write (because you would say) it thus:

If Scottish:

To an isle in the water/Wis her would I sky.

If Irish, and with a necessary anagrammatic metathesis at the end:

To an isle in the water/Wis her would I skye.

And the American couplet about  "whisky, whisky, whisky/that makes you feel so frisky" could not possibly be rewritten using "whiskey" rather than "whisky" because that would then call for an eye-rhyming "friskey" and we can't have that.

Don't touch the stuff myself. Only once in my life. In Stornoway. To be polite. That wee dram of The Macallan.  But I do like a little bit of butter for my bread.

I will now go back and correct the spelling in the posting below, following the no-nonsense strictures  of the Official Orthographer (By Appt. To Her Majesty the Queen, 4-6 Thurs.) of this Website, and Unicorn Pursuivant of Unordinary Charms, Mary Jackson Moncrieffe of the Easter Moncrieffes.