Date: 29/11/2020
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Why Aren't American Muslims Rioting?

No major American newspaper has reprinted the Danish cartoons and American Muslim leaders are urging restraint over the cartoon controversy for now.  The many press reports I have read on this issue, many site the fact that Muslims comprise less than 2% of the American population and that rioting at this time would not be a help to their situation in America. 

Bush administration offered the protesters support, saying of the cartoons, "We find them offensive, and we certainly understand why Muslims would find these images offensive."

Charles Moore at the Telegraph wonders aloud about how the "rage" has been and is being stoked by Muslim leaders worldwide.  Where did all the Danish flags come from so handy for burning from Gaza to Afghanistan?  And he brings up the fact that for months Danish Muslim leaders have been traveling the Muslim world and stoking the fires with the addition of three more cartoons [much more offensive than the originals] that they themselves had provided.

Appeasement and placation only create conditions for more appeasement and placation.