Date: 27/09/2020
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Honour suicides: death by a bullet in the back

I have posted links about Honour Suicides - the friendly alternative to honour killings before, here and elsewhere.  The Times has published another article today because the subject bears repeating.

ZULFINAN BAYCINAR died from a bullet in her back. Her husband’s family went into mourning for the 27-year-old’s “tragic suicide”. She was very happy, they said, they can’t imagine what got into her.

But now Baycinar’s husband is on trial for murder. Prosecutors say she was killed because she dared to oppose against her husband’s wish to take a second wife, refusing to bow to tradition and know her place.

“This law is a real improvement, but we did worry that tougher punishments would lead to this and were watching out for increased cases of suicide,” said Zelal Ozgokce, founder member of Va-Kad, a new women’s association in Van, near the Iranian border.

She says that where once there would be the occasional whiff of suspicion surrounding a suicide, now she hears of odd cases almost every other day.