Date: 28/01/2022
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What's funny about Islam?

Martin Walker writes at UPI:

(...)Or one might ask why Saudi Arabia allows no Christian churches on its soil, when the desert kingdom feels free to pump some $3 billions a year into building mosques and subsidizing Imams and proselytizing their puritanical Wahhabi sect of Islam. Some of that European money the gunmen of Gaza are spurning might even be used for a referendum on which Europeans are asked if all the mosques in the EU should be closed until such date as the Saudis welcome some Christian churches and missionaries into their land. ...

And it is a real tragedy that the Turkish premier Tayyip Erdogan should have called for limits on press freedom in response to this "attack on our spiritual values." Erdogan is currently trying to get his country into the EU by insisting that Turkey now abides by EU standards of human rights and freedoms, and he may just with that remark have shot himself in the foot. He clearly understands freedom of the press no more than Saudi religious zealots understand a level playing field, no more than Egyptian cartoonists understand the Holocaust, no more than Hollywood understands Arab humor.

And that should give us all pause for thought, because it is not funny at all, so unfunny that if we didn't laugh about it, we'd have to cry.