Date: 27/09/2020
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Council can't tell its art from its eyesore

From the Times, with a little help from the BBC.

GROUP of angry art students are preparing to tape themselves to the gates of a council car pound after one of their prized exhibits was towed away and crushed.

Last year the pink and white caravan spent a week at the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square and was later taken on a tour of London primary schools; but that was not enough to save it from the jaws of a crushing machine after it was removed from a street in Camberwell by Southwark Council.

The replacement, a 1960s Safari caravan, cost the students £50 on eBay, but they put in hundreds of hours of work to make it roadworthy. It was parked outside the college in Wilson Road and was intended to form part of an end-of-year exhibition of students’ work this month.

Mr Freeman said: “It began as a mobile art gallery but later we made it into an installation which said something about the prejudice in society against people who live in caravans.  Basically, the council stole our caravan then tried to make us pay for the privilege. We don’t think that they should be allowed to get away with that.....In no other country in the world would people put up with this, and we are no longer going to.”

No indeed, there are countries in the world where art is forbidden completely.  And there are countries in the world where art is something skilful and beautiful.

A spokeswoman for Southwark council’s abandoned vehicle unit said: “We regularly take and destroy caravans. How do we know it’s art?” 

Because an art student says so, that's how.

It's a beautiful colour, I'll give it that.