Date: 31/03/2020
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The General Store

"Hugh, I'm bored with Iraq and Islam because I feel we're preaching to the choir on blogs like this and we're getting nowhere talking to the general public." --from a reader

You "go elsewhere for your other interests"? Well that's not a vote of confidence. That saddens. Say, what's the reasin' we're not pleasin' you, that you find you have to "go elsewhere for your other interests"? You mean you come here only for silly old, boring old, menacing old Islam? Haven't you noticed that all kinds of "other interests" are accommodated here, alluded to aptly and memorably, sketched rapidly but piercingly, with a few strokes doing what whole articles elsewhere try but fail to do, and with lapidary phrases at no extra cost?  Of course you have.

Literature, art, music mostly of the less-discussed kind (Bunny Berigan, Bix Biederbecke, Art Bowlly, Jack Buchanan, Buxtehude -- and that's just the B's), even what one contributor calls the art of the possible, you name it, we got it, and  if you just give us time to putter around in the backroom -we will come out with something that should do the trick. You know the backroom, don't you, in this General Store, the one that's just, just beyond the stack of fishing poles, and boots, and ice scrapers, and snowshoes, and bird feeders, and the bags of sand, and in summer time, there are the t-shirts, and the six-packs, and the fishing polls, and the flipflops, and in all seasons there's that the tattered calendar on the wall from a local insurance company, circa 1954, the one with the faded picture of Kim Novak still visible?  

So tell me what's the reason I'm not pleasin' you? Tell us why you have to "go elsewhere for your other interests"? Tell us what those interests are. Have you gone and looked at our back issues, the articles on moxibustion, and De Sitter Space, and the Prague School, and thalassotherapy, and Damon Runyon, and Li Po, and Balthus at the French Academy, and Mistinguett, and Otto Loewi, and Georges Perec, and Dino Buzzatti, and the OK Corral, and Kramd and Norton, and Stanlio and Olio, and Il'f and Petrov, and Irwin Corey, and Sid Caesar, and Spike Jones and Spike Milligan and Denys Norden, and Frank Muir and Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand, and Kripke S5  modal logic and clerihews and....well, if you don't see something you need, just ask. I'll be glad to take a look in the back. I shouldn't be more than a few minutes. In fact, I'll go in there right now and see what back issues are available.

While you're waiting,  you might want to take a gander at the checkout counter newspapers. Did you know that Elvis phoned a lady in Rapid City, Iowa four years and two months after he died? 

I'll be right back.