Date: 28/01/2022
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They take the course advertised on line next to another Independent Book Review, that of Iris and Ruby by Rosie Thomas. This is a tale of love in Cairo named romantic novel of the year, described by the chair of the judges' panel as a "stomach-wrenching" read.  Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson may be our finest paralympian and I am sure her opinion on wheelchair athletics is incomparable, but I feel her definition of what makes a good romantic novel leaves a little to be desired if she thinks “stomach-wrenching” is a Good Thing for that genre.
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Rocket, a noun used as a verb. Already I’m suspicious.

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British Telecom? That explains a lot.
I know quite a few good writers did have to work quickly. Even Shakespeare and Dickens had deadlines. Alexandre Dumas was paid by the line (and unfortunately it shows in some books) but still managed to tell a good yarn. But somehow I don’t think I will shell out $49.95.