Date: 28/01/2022
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Note to self
Imagine the Weatherwax/Ridcully household at 12.50 pm last Thursday. We have had our lunch. I’m due at the baby and toddler club shortly after 1pm. Today’s Bible story is Jesus cooks breakfast for his disciples (John 21) and I know that Jean who does our crafts has prepared fish to colour and stick on a paper plate.
All I need is the Scripture Union bible story book to read the story from.
I had it last Thursday. It’s not on the far end of the kitchen table where almost everything else is – homework, paperwork, books, mending, the only reason it doesn’t all fall on the floor is the careful positioning of the sewing machine. 
It isn’t in any of the other usual places, the side of my favourite armchair or under the cat. It must be at church in our cupboard.
It isn’t. “No, you took it home last week, you had it in a carrier bag with the lift-the-flap Easter Story that you lent Jean for her granddaughter. Remember?”
Er yes. It will turn up. I tell the story using a couple of toy fish from the play food box.
Onwards to Saturday morning and I’m rushing to go out again. I’m wearing a brown skirt and automatically push my feet into the red sandals. Hold on, I have a pair of dark brown and another pair of light brown sandals, either of which would go better with this skirt. Where are they? Most of the winter they were in a bag down by the side of the computer, between the scanner and the cat basket. I pull out a bag from down the side of said computer. It contains a Big Bible Storybook and a lift-the-flap Easter Story. That’s a result. I keep the red sandals on and go out.
Sunday morning. Brown skirt still clean from Saturday and smart enough for church, time to spare to look for the 2 pairs of brown sandals last seen in November down by the side of the computer.
And where did I find them? At the bottom of the wardrobe, in a shoebox, next to the shoe rack. How did they get into a proper place?
We are off to Rochester next weekend and our neighbour will be coming in to feed the cats. Her bungalow is immaculate. If I am not posting here on NER much this week you will know why.
I will be tidying my house.