Date: 03/08/2020
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Tunnel of Oppression
A friend sent me this

After a spell of gasping, weeping, tearing my hair, and having the cyanide bottle wrestled from my grip by a loving wife, I googled around on "tunnel of oppression."  The darn things are EVERYWHERE, and have been for YEARS.  One of the links tells me that a Tunnel of Oppression featured in a South Park episode.  (I *really* must watch more TV.)

I have this flash mental image of a stranger showing up on an American campus and asking someone for directions to the Dean's office.  "Sure:  you keep right going here, turn left at the Museum of Tolerance, past the Office of Diversity Awareness, cross over Peace Plaza,  hang another left at the Matthew Shepard memorial, around behind the Tunnel of Oppression, and it's right there, next to the Global Warming Awareness study hall..."