Date: 07/08/2020
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Car bomb: Third car searched
Police have cordoned off a 400m-stretch of Fleet Street, in the heart of the City, in a second alert hours after officers defused a bomb that "could have caused carnage" in London's West End.
Officers cleared Fleet Street between Fetter Lane and Ludgate Circus as they investigated a suspect vehicle in the centre of London's financial district.
Two hours earlier, police investigated a car near Hyde Park amid fears that it could be connected to a bomb defused by authorities hours earlier in London's West End.
The eastern side of Hyde Park was evacuated after Park Lane, which borders the park, was closed between Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner at 2.30 this afternoon, while a police robot investigated the car.
Similarities between the car bomb and Iraqi bomb plots have been highlighted by a British security official, according to the Associated Press.
Head of Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command, Peter Clarke, said police were alerted to a silver Mercedes car by an ambulance crew who noticed smoke inside it. The crew had been called to the scene just before 1.30am for an injury at a nearby nightclub.
Officers inspecting the car found 60 litres of petrol on the back seat, gas cylinders and containers holding nails inside, which could have caused "significant injury or loss of life". The bomb was defused.
Mr Clarke said that some aspects of today's bomb attempt "resonated with previous plots" and mentioned nightclubs as a potential target.
Lots of interesting links next to this story on the telegraph site, including a description of how police officers defused the Haymarket bomb.