Date: 25/01/2022
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Correction on Turkey
Apparently Wikipedia's numbers are verpfuscht.  Several readers have notified me as follows:
"Dear Derb—-The data you linked to gave an incorrect value.  Both IQ and the Wealth of Nations and the sequel, IQ and Global Inequality, give Turkey's mean IQ as 90."

Steve Sailer has written up the details.
Turkey's IQ structure appears to be fairly similar to Mexico's. Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen in IQ and the Wealth of Nations do report one solid study of Turkey: the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices was standardized on a representative sample of 2,277 Turkish children in 1992. The Turkish children averaged 90 on a scale in which the British average 100. Two studies of Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands reported averages of 88 and 85.