Date: 25/01/2022
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Rudy's still my guy... 

Regarding the NY City police report on radicalization of American Muslims, there were a couple of questions that, it seems to me, were left unanswered by the report.

For example,  since these jihadist ideas originate in a foreign religion, Islam, why don't we just stop admitting foreign Muslims into the USA? It's true that not many Muslims are jihadis, but sympathy for jihadis, as poll after poll has shown, is widespread among ordinary Muslims. This is our country. We can choose whom to admit and whom to politely refuse admittance.

Here's another question: Why are Muslim clerics, many of whom are sympathetic to jihadism, and some of whom actually preach it, why are these clerics proselytizing in our jails? You have this ideology that preaches violence and hatred for western society and you allow it to be preached in jails? Preached to the most violent and anti-social people we've got? Hello?

Jihadism is an ideology not a religion. Why don't we just treat it the way we treated the last dangerous ideology that came down the pike, communism? Keep out foreigners who profess it, and keep a careful watch on Americans who profess it?

But I guess that would be "insensitive," "hurtful," 'hate-filled" and all the other slimey little epithets of multiculturalism.