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Monday, 15 January 2007
Channel 4 - Notes on Undercover Mosque

These are my notes taken during the Channel 4 programme Dispatches – Undercover Mosque.

Part I  

An undercover reporter, who wished to remain anonymous has been attending the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham and filming what he has seen and heard.

The main English language speaker is a very popular US convert, Abu Assama. He said that Christians and Jews are an enemy to Islam.  They lie as part of their religion. 

The official Green Lane Mosque website was shown. Then we were told about the secret website for regular worshippers where his speeches are available on line.  They are also sold locally on DVD.  Abu Assama shown saying that Muslims should not be satisfied with anything less than a total Islamic state.

 Green Lane mosque is the headquarters of Markali Jamat Ahi-Hadith. They are affiliated to the Muslim Council of Britain and praised by them.

Cut to the grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia beamed live into Green Lane via video link. Questions could be asked through interpreters and fatwas given. DVDs of the questions, answers and fatwas also available.

Several academics, Irfan al Alawi who kept his features hidden, and a ginger headed Englishman whose Islamic name I didn’t catch both said that this Wahabi school of Islam is contrary to “traditional moderate Islam”

The narrator said that many children attend these lectures. By children she meant boys – I did not see a single girl or woman present. A preacher was shown saying that children should be kept away from non muslims. If they will not pray they should be hit. Homosexuals should be thrown from the mountain.

Further, women are deficient to men. Even if she has a PhD she is deficient, hormones make her deficient. She must be covered, hijab must be enforced. By the age of 10 she must wear hijab.  If she does not wear hijab, hit her.

Further Mohammed married a pre-pubescent girl so it is permissible. A Muslim should have no issues about an older man with a young girl despite it being frowned upon in British society. It is not abuse, it is marriage. It is what Mohammed did.

Shots of the first Muslim life Peer Lord Ahmed. He praised the green Lance Mosque calling it his “favourite spiritual place. The most amazing place.” He and the Iman of what was described as “a prominent east London Mosque” (I would hazard a guess that this is the East London Mosque in Whitechapel) are to meet, or have recently met, with the Lord Chancellor to discuss their hopes re the introduction of Islamic divorce law.

Part II

How this doctrine is being spread across the country.  A course to be given by clerics from the University of Medina was cancelled at short notice. However devout worshippers at Green Lane are being given scholarships to attend Saudi Universities.  Medina graduates are lecturing up and down the UK.  Local children sell their books and DVDs in the Mosque car park.

“We want to have children and offer them as soldiers of jihad” “The pinnacle of Islam – is jihad” and his voice wobbled with near lust as he said the word jihad.

Cut to an interview with a Saudi lecturer Mai Yamani, the only woman featured. She said that the Saudis sent money for everything. She described it as “A wave of teaching hitting the shores of the West”

Local bookshops have gone out of business because they have been undercut with subsidised Saudi literature.

Cut to the “most famous mosque in Europe” the Central London Mosque, also known as the Regent’s Park Mosque. £2million towards building costs sent from Saudi Arabia and home to Dar el Salam publishing. The Mosque hosts regular interfaith events yet in the Dar el Salam bookshop the reporter found DVDs containing lectures and sermons saying such things as “We do not need to debate with Jews and Christians about the filth they believe” and “AIDs is a western plot, spread by their missionaries in the vaccines for polio and TB”

The management of Dar el Salam said that they carry a wide range of material and do not necessarily agree with every single word.  However there is no control over (I didn’t catch the exact capacity of this officer and his predecessors) as he is a Saudi diplomat.

A statement was then read from the Saudi Government, against a background of the Saudi flag (shahada and sword) to the effect that Islam is a tolerant religion of peace.

Haras Rafiq, described as a “moderate Muslim” spoke on the rise of wahabism.

Part III

Filming undercover at a Mosque in Derby connected to Green Lane Mosque.

A speaker who was full of praise for the religious police of Saudi Arabia. He thought it wonderful that police could punish people who did not pray. Under such a regime every woman would be covered, he said. If she was not she would be collected by the police. Muslims must gain in strength and then take over.

The programme turned to the UK Islamic Mission an organisation praised by Tony Blair for their multifaith and multicultural work. They went to Sparkbrook Islamic centre where multifaith events are held regularly. The suggestion was made that a group of non Muslims should be invited to visit and attempts made to convert them. Every Friday night a regular prayer is “help us fight the Kaffaar” The reporter went to the dawah centre (for outreach) and asked what was available. He was told that they were affiliated to Jamat Islamia and share ideology with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. They are funded from Saudi Arabia and a list of donors is read out during Friday prayers.

The deputy headmaster of an Islamic school was filmed giving a lecture. According to him Muslims shouldn’t want freedom, or democracy. Democracy is Kaffaarocracy. The school say that he is no longer the deputy headmaster.

Another lecture. No Muslim should join the police force. No Muslim should join the army. Mention was made of a Muslim soldier in the British Army who had been killed in Afghanistan. One newspaper called him a “Hero of Islam” The true hero of Islam is the one who cut off his head.


For once the usual Channel 4 house style of repeating what has gone before after every commercial break did not irritate me. Because what these men (and they were all men, not a woman in sight at any of these lectures) were saying had to be repeated in case people didn’t believe their ears first time.

I only have two immediate criticisms. First that the sentiments expressed were attributed to the Saudi Wahabi School which was presented as something separate to “traditional tolerant Islam” Although the extent to which those views are prevalent, and the lies the public is being told were realistically presented, albeit without use of the term taqiyya.  Second that some of the things said by the imams and teachers sounded to me like direct quotes from the Koran, but were not attributed to the Koran with chapter and verse references. That may have interrupted the flow too much and distracted anybody new to the subject.

I took these notes longhand as I watched. I may well not have got the names spelled correctly.  Hopefully this will be available on line, either on the Channel 4 website, or via You Tube. If anybody hears of it on the internet please e-mail this site.

If you missed it try and record it for late Friday night. 

Posted on 01/15/2007 4:19 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
16 Jan 2007
Strange how what these people filmed undercover merely CONFIRMS what so many of us in the Resistance have already been thinking. Czech TV released a similar piece recently. They have a relatively small moslem population and t's simply amazing how brazen and confident they sounded off in their mosk when they thought themselves unobserved by the citizens of their host country. It is quite clear that moslems are coming to our Western countries to take over. They come with conquest in mind. I say we enact something like the Benes Decree to deal with the problem. It's quite simple: Us or them.

16 Jan 2007
Jennnifer King
THE LAST LAUGH Despite his religious bluster, deceit and terror, Muhammad always knew that Allah the god is not the ultimate God of the Jews and Christians, and he warned his warlords to beware of them when he sent them off to conquer and plunder: Allah's Apostle said to Muadh when he sent him to Yemen to the tribes of Jews and Christians, "You will come to the people of Scripture. Be afraid of the supplication and the curse of an oppressed person as there is no barrier between his invocation and Allah.? Bukhari: V5B59N634; Muslim: C8B1N27

15 Jan 2007
and a ginger headed Englishman whose Islamic name I didn?t catch both said that this Wahabi school of Islam is contrary to ?traditional moderate Islam? His name is ABDAL-HAKIM MURAD. He is a white Muslim convert and a senior lecture in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University. Which is one of the top acedemic institutions in the UK. It's good to know that they got the opinions of "Islamic experts". The program tries to apologise for Wahabism. I am not buying this agrument as I believe that the moderates are now a small minority of Muslims.