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Saturday, 22 September 2007

The Shree Swaminarayan Temple Cardiff are inviting everybody, and they really do mean everybody,  to their Silver Jubilee (25 years) celebrations which have been going on all week and continue today with a procession through Cardiff starting at 2pm this afternnon. Details here.

Those of us who cannot get to Cardiff are invited to join them via a live webcam stream which can be reached through THIS LINK.

This sounds like a wonderful joyous event and a chance to join in with our neighbours.

Posted on 09/22/2007 4:49 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
23 Sep 2007
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Well, if you can't beat, belt or flay them, you might as well join the Kali choir and its din inescapable.  Besides, in doing so, I managed to re-route the fleet from the South of my native France to your soon-to-be-septic isle.
By the time we get to Cardiff, we'll be half a billion strong.  We are India Star dust (Gunga is just brick-dust).  We are children of the Golden Temple.  You might as well get back to your garden and your lovesome god wot got only two arms.
Aye Luds, that's me (see Sweet Rosie O'Grady, blacksmith by birth -dyin' by rudyard is hard) carryin' water for the limpin' lumps o' coprophages, friggin' in the riggin' of the vedas, and comin' to a theatre of demographic conquest near ye. 
I'll see ye later for din-din-din-din.
Venting My Spleen,
Jean Rudyard Raspail
(typed on Hiss' Woodstock typewriter)

23 Sep 2007
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Dearest Swami & Spouse,
I'd be delighted to attend your Flaming Curry Jubilee, and I'm sure that my Teddy-Sloth-Bear will feel right at home with your devotees, but if you don't have anything good to say about Anglo-American Civilization, have a suttee next to me.
Relightedly Yours,
Alice Roosevelt Longworthless
P.S. Mind if you smoke?