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Friday, 28 September 2007
Radio Derb
Posted on 09/28/2007 11:04 AM by John Derbyshire
3 Oct 2007
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Derb: Please, please, please go back to the printed word. I don't know if you have a large number of ipod subscribers who are all orgasmic over the opportunity to Listen rather than Read you, but I, for one, find the listening-to tedious and the reading natural. Unless you know that i'm in the minority, it would be wise to assume the opposite and to return to communication through text.


As for Bollinger, I only wish people appreciated what he had done, unfortunately none of ya appear to be of that point of view.

As for me, "God Bless Lee Bollinger"

You can also watch the Entire Bollinger intro at that link. Almost no one else has got it. I do. Enjoy.

Cheers y'all,


29 Sep 2007
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As the lone critic amongst your (presumably) throngs of listeners, I stand to lustily cheer "Bravo!" You've topped yourself once again.

The info about Burma was informative. I'll just tuck that away to be deployed against the neocons as opportunities arise.

I share your dismay over the president of Columbia University's total lack of class. Even more disturbing, however, is the evidence I've been gathering since that sorry performance, suggesting that the majority of my fellow patriots, both right and left, think that Bollinger did a GOOD thing. Ye gods and little fishes!

Good luck in DC. It will, however, spoil my weekend if you don't manage to get "Radio Derb" on the air next week.


A note on the performance:I saw the Hillary cackle coming. Your timing was a bit off there. The lead-up to the punch line was just a tad too lengthy.