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Sunday, 30 September 2007
Strike it lucky

Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco, apparently. The Spectator's Mary Killen - not to be confused with me, although you never see her and me, or Dot Wordsworth and me, together - has some advice for those male readers who are not so lucky:

Q. I have a dear friend, a dear bumbling fool of the old school who occasionally is driven to use the services of a prostitute. In the past he has always found them by looking out for immodestly dressed women who are standing in the street smoking with one foot against a wall. Now that so many of these women are, in fact, lawyers who are just having a smoking break outside their office, I am concerned that he might get into serious trouble. How should I advise him?
P.R., London SW3

A. Your friend should carry his own packet of cigarettes and approach the smoker he fancies to ask only for a light. If she is a prostitute, she will immediately extinguish her half-smoked fag and proposition him. If not, en route to his goal, he can still enjoy the camaraderie of chatting among the temporary communities of smokers which have sprung up all over the streets.

Alternatively he could bum a fag off her. American readers - honi soit qui mal y pense.

Posted on 09/30/2007 2:39 PM by Mary Jackson
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