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Monday, 1 October 2007
Music of 1964
I wasn’t 16 in 1964 I was 10, and there is a world of difference, the difference between a child and a (very) young woman.  My first thought, Francoise Hardy not being my cup of tea, was “Thank heavens we had the Beatles and the Kinks and the Rolling Stones”. 
However calling up a Hit Chart for 1964 reminded me that we also had Cilla Black. In her early career she worked in the Cavern Club and was considered part of the Merseybeat scene before her career moved into light entertainment and eventually Blind Date. I do have a soft spot for Cilla Black, a decent family woman.
But what I was listening to for my own pleasure as a 10 year old in 1964 was this,
the guitar riff that started heavy metal.
Posted on 10/01/2007 1:39 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
1 Oct 2007
Esmerelda Weatherwax

why so many British singers seem to pronounce lyrics in "American"

That was always a big bone of contention among band members and fans. Even in the early 80s when I was part of the road crew for a small band arguments raged between the local accent brigade and those who were American influenced.

It was because the US was the big influence in the beginning.? We may have taken rock and roll to a new dimension and sold it back to?the US?and the rest of the world but most bands of the 60s started in the port cities of London, Newcastle and Liverpool where US records were brought back by merchant seamen. They copied the solos and the vocal phrasing including the accent which sounded a lot more glamorous to the audience than Scouse or Cockney.

The local accents came in a bit later.? The Small Faces were one of the first to emphasis a Cockney accent on Lazy Sunday Afternoon and later stuff from the Kinks like Dedicated Follower of Fashion did become terribly British.

Cilla Black?s Liverpool accent is much more pronounced now that she is a Merseyside institution.

1 Oct 2007

Francoise Hardy's Ce Petit Coeur is a little more syncopated than "...Garcons et la Filles"  (which was apparently released in 1962 -- the video seems to be from 1964).  Hardy is more similar to Petula Clark then Janis Joplin.

Please don't take this in a wrong way, but:  Why does Cilla Black seem to sing with a general American English accent.?  I have never understood why so many British singers seem to pronounce lyrics in "American" .  Even Ray Davies sounds more American,  than English, to my amateurish ear.