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Tuesday, 9 October 2007
In A Completely Decent, Or, Semi-Decent World

"angering Germany's Jewish lobby..."
-- from this article in Spiegel Online

My, my. Shades of Mearsheimer and Walt. Now we have the "Jewish lobby" in Germany. It can't be very big, can it? Oh, but just now someone is already composing his little answer to that, writing in in his mind to note that such a "Jewish lobby" doesn't have to be very big because, you know, those Jews know how to exploit German "guilt" one would like to respond in turn that there is not quite enough "guilt" being felt by those Germans, judging by the opinion polls, and the martin-walserish "the Holocaust? Get over it" attitudes of so many who think we should all by now let bygones be bygones (besides, after killing six million Jews, which at the rates of recompense routinely set for a life -- never mind the "emotional distress" that was inflicted on any and all survivors -- at American law, not the sums paid out by the Germans, but a thousand times more, should have been forthcoming (and this does not even factor in the mass looting of Jewish-owned property, all over Europe, from art collections in Paris and Amsterdam to prime real estate in Berlin, to manufacturing enterprises, such as Osram in Budapest, multiplied many times -- the greatest theft in human history, almost none of it, despite all the publicity that suggests otherwise, restored to its victims or those who naturally stand in for those victims, such as those who live in the state of, and are protected by the state of, Israel.

In a semi-decent world, the line that I discuss above would have read thus:

"angering many Germans" rather than "angering the Jewish lobby"

In a completely decent world, the line that I discuss above would have read thus:

"angering many throughout the West" rather than "angering the Jewish lobby"

At this point, I'd settle for semi-decent.

Posted on 10/09/2007 11:39 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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