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Wednesday, 10 October 2007
The eagle has plummeted

The title of Useful Idiot of the Week goes to crusty old Marxist Terry Eagleton, currently involved in a tussle with Martin Amis, or Amis fils as everyone seems to call him. From The Guardian (where else?):

Suicide bombers must be stopped forcibly in their tracks to protect the innocent. But there is something rather stomach-churning at the sight of those such as Amis and his political allies, champions of a civilisation that for centuries has wreaked untold carnage throughout the world, shrieking for illegal measures when they find themselves for the first time on the sticky end of the same treatment.

Where there's no sense there's no feeling. Renowned literary theorist he may be, but Eagleton has a tin ear. How do you stop a suicide bomber in his tracks? Wrestle him to the ground? And see how he weighs the West - "untold carnage for centuries throughout the world" - against Islam's "sticky end". (How can a "treatment" have a sticky end? Why don't writers try to visualise their metaphors before using them?).

May the best man win, even if it has to be Martin Amis.

Posted on 10/10/2007 8:00 AM by Mary Jackson
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