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Wednesday, 10 October 2007
The House of Saud

The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs) three individuals based in Saudi Arabia who have served as significant sources of financial and other support to individuals and entities in Southeast Asia previously named as SDGTs and listed pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1267. --from this news release

Good, and also Bad, can come of this.

Good, if the United States and the entire Western world makes clear that these individuals are being sought, will be seized, will be extradited to the United States, will be tried, and will be punished if convicted. If nothing else, it should make rich Arabs, who have been getting away with murder, tormenting the domestic slaves they bring with them to the West, running down locals, entering into "temporary marriages" with those silly non-Muslim girls, or in many cases simply debauching as many as they can, and counting it a kind of civilizational attack ("their women" wouldn't behave thus, so let's do as much as we can to the "women" of the Infidels), not to mention the industries whereby every paper, right up to the doctorate, is written for this or that rich Arab who just can't be bothered, even the subject has an Islamic or Arabic theme.

Good if we start making clear that access to Western education (that is, to the degrees and the presumed prestige that attendance at a Western school, no matter how crappy, can confer at home, and justify the stay at Papa's expense), and to Western medicine (where would the rich Arabs be without the Mass General, and Sloan-Kettering, and The Children's Hospital, and Dana Farber, and all of Harley Street -- how would you feel if you were suddenly cut off from access to Western hospitals and Western-level medical care?) is not a given, and that there will be consequences.

Bad, if the American government focusses only on this or that individual. For god's sake, the Saudis, the Al-Saud and tens of thousands of rich Saudis, and millions of the Saudi Believers, are hellbent on sending money abroad -- one hundred billion dollars is the estimate -- to pay for mosques and madrasas for Muslims in the West, to propaganda on behalf of Islam, and that includes all the horrific anti-Infidel stuff that that Freedom House report a year or two ago, prepared by Nina Shea (who has left Freedom House, by the way, because of the malign influence on its Board of a new, Muslim arrival who is managing to suppress or divert attention from what should be pressing matters), so disturbingly discussed. And then there is all that Saudi money, or hints of Saudi contracts, that are dangled before the Great and Good of Washington, in both parties, and too many former diplomats, intelligence agents, high government officials right up to the Cabinet level and, indeed, the level of that Oval Office we hear so much about, and journalists and professors, have all been happy to accept Arab, and especially that limitless Saudi largesse, and it does work its magic in the corridors of power, and has helped prevent, among many other things, any sensible measures to dampen demand for oil.

If anthropogenic climate change is indeed irreversible, if it is indeed too late for many of the low-lying cities of this planet -- Lower Manhattan, Shanghai, and so on, and if the rate of change will cause 90% of the world's species to disappear within the next century, and to cause all sorts of other upheavals, climatological, economic, social, and political, as we frantically try to deal with the problem, try to ameliorate things, you should thank, above everyone else, those Western hirelings, those traitors who worked so assiduously to prevent the American government from coming to its senses on energy policy -- and also, of course, in coming to its senses about Islam.

The Saudi lobby: it is the members of that lobby, serving for pay those dagger-and-dishdasha primitives, with their double-decker goatees and their sneers of cold command, of the absurd Al-Saud, who have done so much to keep us from taxing gasoline and oil, as we might have done, beginning in 1973, and headed off the environmental trouble that is inevitably to come.

Posted on 10/10/2007 1:07 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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