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Sunday, 14 October 2007
William Dalrymple, Received Pronunciation, and "Okkident"

If you click on this link to the debate (Ibn Warraq, Aronovitch, Murray vs. Glass, Ramadan, Dalrymple) you can hear William Dalrymple quoting, and misunderstanding, and misapplying, a statement by the historian of the Crusades Stephen Runciman. Fifty minutes and 31 seconds (51:31) into the debate,  Dalrymple quotes Runciman on the interaction and fusion and so on "between Okkident and Orient." You heard right. Okkident.

As the Italians say: Accidenti.

Posted on 10/14/2007 1:22 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
14 Oct 2007
Hugh Fitzgerald

Thoughts of phonetician Daniel Jones (hereinafter Jones #2) likely put you in mind of the respectful-affectionate name attached to Sir William Jones (hereinafter Jones #1)--that is, "Oriental" Jones -- and thoughts of both Jones #1 and Jones #2 prompted your suggested "Okkident" Dalrymple.

I suggest a slight addition so that homoeoteleuton may secure the intended comical echo.

"Oriental" Jones. And "Okkidental" Dalrymple.

14 Oct 2007
Paul Blaskowicz

You heard right. Okkident.

I thought I'd misheard okkident, so rewound a couple of times.  I then wondered if it was an academic or possibly Anglo-Indian variant, checked all my dictionaries and the bible of received pronunciation, Everyman's English Pronouncing Dictionary by the greatest-ever English phonetician, Daniel Jones.  Nowhere is okkident mentioned. 

Let Dalrymple henceforth be known as Okkident Dalrymple