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Tuesday, 30 October 2007
Reply From An Imam In London

From a reply written by an imam in (currently Saudi-Arabia-celebrating) London:

Thank your for your Letter.

Of course, although we understand from your letter that you disliked our sticker, we cannot stop doing whatever we can to better the British society for all of us, including you, me and everyone else. This cannot be done without to change the British Culture, removing all the British Values and teaching the people the Islamic Values. We must continue to discuss and debate this issue openly, especially in light of the British Governments recent arrogant efforts to push corrupted values and enforce this "britishness" that has already caused so much corruption and trouble in this country and abroad.

If it wasn't for the man-made way of life in britain, we would never have seen such high levels of crime, rape, alcoholism, homosexuality, adultery, theft, burglary, exploitation and terrorism in the UK and the world today! Why should we put up with all of this and so much more corruption in the society? Rather we must continue to struggle and change the British way of life and introduce and teach the Islamic Values to all, so that all the people in Britain can flourish.

Abdul Ilaah

Posted on 10/30/2007 10:08 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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