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Wednesday, 31 October 2007
British School Makes Teachers & Students Dress As Muslims For A Day

I'm not sure how reliable The Sun is in Britain, but this story was linked on Drudge:

A SCHOOL was yesterday accused of MAKING teachers dress up as Asians for a day – to celebrate a Muslim festival.

Kids at the 257-pupil primary have also been told to don ethnic garb even though most are Christians.

The morning assembly will be open to all parents – but dads are BARRED from a women-only party in the afternoon because Muslim husbands object to wives mixing with other men.

Just two members of staff – a part-time teacher and a teaching assistant – are Muslim.

Yesterday a relative of one of the 39 others said: “Staff have got to go along with it – or let’s face it, they would be branded racist.

“Who would put their job on the line? They have been told they have to embrace the day to show their diversity. But they are not all happy.”

The day aims to belatedly mark Eid, the end of Ramadan.

Sally Bloomer, head of Rufford primary school in Lye, West Midlands, insisted: “I have not heard of any complaints.

“It’s all part of a diversity project to promote multi-culturalism.”

Posted on 10/31/2007 11:08 AM by Rebecca Bynum
31 Oct 2007
Esmerelda Weatherwax
I was in two minds whether to post this item myself this morning and then when I realised how late I was getting out the matter were decided.
The point that occured to me was why Eid? As they are late for Eid, and if cultural diversity is what is required then, leaving aside that tonight is Samhain in the old religion of my distant ancestors, in 9 days time is Diwali.  Why not celebrate a festival sacred to Hindus Jains and Sikhs, the triumph of good over evil which everyone can rejoyce in, in an atmosphere of family fun where there need be no nonsense of excluding fathers.
Having said that the Currant Bun has been known of molehills to mighty mountains make.

31 Oct 2007


  The brained-washed dhimmis;  the staff and students should be opposing this surrender of cultural identity. Muslims will never behave as non-Muslims. And the grovelling of the British government to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and all the infamy he represents, sets the example.