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Monday, 19 November 2007
Just A Little Too Soon

Saudi sheikh Dr. Salaman bin Fahd Al-'Awda has said that jihad in our time has caused more damage than benefit, and that waging jihad now is a mistake vis-à-vis the religion, society, and human life. --MEMRI blog

Yes, it is just a little too soon, isn't it? Just a little too soon, possibly, even in Western Europe, for those who insist on violent Jihad, Jihad "by the sword," when the Saudis and others were doing so well without that violence, doing so well by quietly spending $100 billion dollars in only the last 2-3 decades. In comparison, during the 79 years of its active life, the Soviet Union spent a grand total of $8 billion on propaganda to spread the Soviet Revolution abroad), to build and then maintain some 50,000 mosques, to build and then maintain madrasas, to bribe imams to hew to the Wahhabi line, to pay for aggressive and relentless campaigns of Da'wa all over the Western world, carefully-targetted to the psychically and economically vulnerable, including prisoners alienated from the circumambient society, youthful students willing to believe anything their nice (Pakistani, Saudi, Egyptian, "Palestinian") classmates or roommates are prepared to tell them about Islam and Islamic "grievances" against the West (Amerikkka, Israel, you name it) and others, including the odd (very odd) John Walker Lindhs and David Hickses and Richard Reids and Yvonne Ridleys, of ridiculous memory.

And this new awareness of what Jihad is all about, of what Islam is all about, once it spreads, is merely a genie out of the bottle. For the Saudis, even the Saudis, cannot rent enough Western hirelings to hide forever the content of the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira. They cannot pay enough to distract us all, to hide from us all, what is on Saudi television and radio (see that brilliantly-conceived site,, that deserves the support and gratitude of every Infidel in the Western world), what is the content of Saudi sermons, what is written in Saudi textbooks and used in Saudi "academies" even, one knows, in a certain Saudi academy within a suicide bomber's walking distance -- on a good day -- of the White House and the Capitol.

Yes, Osama Bin Laden peaked just a little too early. He might have held off, and so might the others, held off from the bombings and mass killings in the capitals of the West, in Washington and New York on 9/11/2001, in Moscow, and in London, and in Amsterdam, and in Madrid,and in Bali, and New Delhi, and in southern Thailand, and of course in so many other places that a map of the world placed on the wall would be full of little colored pins stuck in for each discrete attack, planned or carried out, and I'm not even bothering to include the attacks on the Infidels in Israel, who are simply the first to have suffered from the modern Jihad, but are not alone in being the intended victims, who include all those who choose to resist the spread of Islam, so that it everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere.

Now would be a good time to start talking openly of seizing Saudi and other Arab assets in the West. Now would be a good time to make clear that the Al-Saud, each resembling the other in their sinister daggers-and-dishdasha tribal dances (don't be fooled by the gravelly-voiced, well-spoken Abdullah -- behind the Western veneer of these people are deeply and permanently primitive minds, minds rendered primitive by the brainwashing that Islam - see Wafa Sultan, see Ayaan Hirsi Ali, see Ibn Warraq -- provides from an early age, and reinforces in a way that the most dedicated member of the Party or the NKVD could only dream about.

Rattle the Al-Saud, and keep them rattled, until they withdraw, until they re-sheathe, that Money Weapon. And the same goes for the denizens of the unhappy Emirates, with their racehorses and their odious skyscrapers, including that ridiculous Dubai that is a blend of Orlando and Las Vegas, at their most vulgar, a Big FunFair and Shopping Mall, with the only continental touch being the well-stocked brothels for every conceivable taste of the Arabs (and Iranians) who come to enjoy themselves in the only way that those who have no artistic or intellectual interests -- and a bought-and-paid-for succursale of some Western museum or Western university fools no one -- can possibly find enjoyment.

Posted on 11/19/2007 5:53 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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