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Friday, 28 December 2007

Aroosa rejected the fatwa. According to the Times of India, she said, 'I think Islam does not prohibit friendship and brotherhood. Religious interpretation of Islam is so wrong. Islam is a very liberal religion.'"
-- from this article, quoting the lady accused of un-Islamic conduct by seeing a man without a male guardian being present

What does it mean to say that the "[r]eligions interpretation of Islam is so wrong"? Is there another kind of interpretation of Islam, a "non-religious" or "extra-religious" one? And having asked this, the accused lady goes on to assert, without the slightest evidence, that "Islam is a very liberal religion" which appears to contradict the previous sentence. As with so many people born into Islam, and who secretly call into question much of Islam, she still cannot make the break, and she cannot even describe the situation accurately. Islam is not "a very liberal religion." It is, as Charles-Emmanuel Bousquet said, "doubly totalitarian" as a Complete Regulation of Life, and as a geopolitical system that insists Muslims must divide the world between Believer and Infidel, and furthermore must be in a state of constant hostility or war, directed at the Infidels, even if that war does not always take the form of open warfare.

Even she, a victim of Islam, says things about Islam that are false, and that either she knows to be false, or cannot allow herself to recognize as false.

It's a problem. Everywhere.

Posted on 12/28/2007 11:54 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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