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Saturday, 29 December 2007
Turkish Paper: New Year Celebrations Are Rebellion, Treason, Waste
MEMRI Blog: Radical Islamist Vakit continues to attack new year celebrations for being Christian. Under today’s front-page headliner that read “Rebellion, treason, waste”, Vakit wrote, “Celebrating new year which is a Christian custom is rebellion to Allah, betrayal of our martyrs, and a consumption craze and waste”.

Vakit criticized the decorations in shopping centers, colorful store windows that incite people to shop and waste, adding that the most popular products were alcoholic beverages banned in Islam. It also lashed at Turkey’s mainstream, secular media for criticizing the practice of sacrificing animals during the Muslim holiday but not saying much about the murder of pine trees used in decorating.

Chairman of the Islamist Happiness Party [SP] Recai Kutan told Vakit that new year celebrations were against Muslim Turks’ customs and traditions and that they should all be cancelled.

Chairman of the ultranationalist-Islamist Alperen Association Eyup Gokhan Ozekin said that he found it unacceptable that many institutions are organizing entertainment and celebrations, despite repeated statements by Islamic authorities’ that say celebrating new year is Christian belief, and ways it is celebrated are based on customs and traditions of Christians.



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Posted on 12/29/2007 7:20 AM by Rebecca Bynum
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