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Monday, 31 December 2007
Twilight of the greats

"Twilight of the greats" is the title of Brian Appleyard's piece in the Sunday Times, which begins:

[2007] was a year in which a certain type of person died — Michelangelo Antonioni, Ingmar Bergman, Norman Mailer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Jean Baudrillard.

Still, life goes on.

Posted on 12/31/2007 11:40 AM by Mary Jackson
1 Jan 2008
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From Heda to Hopper
One shouldn't gossip, but it looks like someone has a lot of dishes and laundry to do after New Year's Eve:
Willem Claesz Heda died 1680........
Still life goes on.
Those who would rather take a bite out'll Beowulf or let'll the chicksotropy out'll the bottle, may munch on "Just wait'll we get our Spears-Hanes on you":

31 Dec 2007
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Type Castaways & Shocking Cut-Offs

But be she type Bikini atoll? Not so eagerly looking forward to our cruise at de end of next month; when axe my bootyfull wife, "Speedo?", she plead*, "No!" -Time I stop de typing and start be treadmilling.

*Jamaica no mistake when mon use de island present tense.

31 Dec 2007
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Not only that, certain people of a certain type didn't die in 2007.

I'm alive and I'm no type at all.

31 Dec 2007
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Didn't people not of a certain type also die in 2007, as they did in 2006 and years preceding, and will do so in 2008, and years following? Or am I missing something?