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Sunday, 26 February 2006
More conference

Anyone who knows anything about the rules of warfare knows that the first thing to do once war breaks out is to secure one's own position. Since this is a war by civilians on civilians, we must be prepared to defend our civilian population by whatever means necessary. I just came from the last session of this conference and it was specifically on immigration.

Our speakers were Tamar Jacoby and Doug McIntyre. The audience wanted to talk about national security and Muslim immigration, but neither panelist was prepared to speak to the issue much. McIntyre's position was, secure the border first, then let's talk about immigration. He put the number of illegal immigrants at 20 million, the size of the state of New York. He spoke passionately about how corporations no longer have the interests of the nation at heart and how they are not even expected to have the interests of the nation at heart anymore. In this he echoed the vehemence with which Pat Caddell spoke about how the corruption in government was a sickness that will destroy the nation by selling her out.

Tamar Jacoby, when asked sincerely about Muslim immigration by a woman who works through her Church to help these immigrants and then they turn around and call her a kafir, (she said, "and the Koran tells me that infidels, can be killed!!), Jacoby responded, "Oh, Muslims are less than three million, they're like the shavings of a fingernail, they're so small. They're not a problem."

The room erupted! Absolutely erupted! The mood in that room was incredibly hostile. Then another woman from the audience spoke about her experience visiting Germany recently and their Muslim immigrant problem. Jacoby came back with a bunch of baloney about how Europe is lousy about assimilation, but "it's what we do best." Another eruption and a man pointed out how Germany had loyalty oaths and language tests and the whole nine years and still, Muslims didn't assimilate.

During the entire conference the average people were, by and large, way ahead of the speakers on the issue of Islam (except for Robert and a couple of others). That's the good news. Unfortunately, I see the Republican party splitting down the middle on immigration and Islam and then corruption circling in  buzzard like to finish it off.

So now what?

Posted on 02/26/2006 3:32 PM by Rebecca Bynum
26 Feb 2006
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I think the GOP has had its run for the time being, and "jumped the shark," as is said of tv shows that have outstayed their finest seasons. They've gotten complacent, and they're so far now from the spirit of the 1994 Contract with America, the wave they ultimately rode to power in the White House, which included promises:

To restore accountability to Congress. To end its cycle of scandal and disgrace.

Granted, they only had the legislative branch at first, but Dubya later made similar promises about his handling of the Presidency. (How 'bout that port deal?)

They're running the risk of finding themselves in the same predicament that has bogged down the Democratic Party: No longer knowing what they stand for, beyond platitudes of no practical value, and no longer being credible on what they still claim to stand for, due to how they act.

This midterm election may still be too early for the Democrats to marshall their forces to capitalize on the GOP's increasing weakness, but 2008 could be an entirely different story.

That would be a shame, since the Democrats certainly won't switch places and take a stand for all the things the Republicans used to, beyond what they can gain in the short run through contrarianism and opportunism.