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Sunday, 26 February 2006
Iran: "Tom & Jerry" part of global Zionist conspiracy

That's right. More beloved characters to file under "Innocence Lost," along with Spongebob, and Ernie and Bert.

 From WorldNetDaily:

Tom and Jerry, the lovable cat and mouse locked in cartoon combat, is a Jewish conspiracy, according to an Iranian official.

Prof. Hasan Bolkhari, a cultural advisor to the Iranian Education Ministry, delivered the news last week on Iran's Channel 4 during a broadcast of film seminar where he was lecturing. An excerpt of the video was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.


According to the professor, "Tom and Jerry" was created to irradicate [sic] the association between mice and Jews created in the minds of Europeans by Hitler.

"If you study European history, you will see who was the main power in hoarding money and wealth in the 19th century," continued Bolkhari. "In most cases, it is the Jews. Perhaps that was one of the reasons which caused Hitler to begin the anti-Semitic trend, and then the extensive propaganda about the crematoria began." ...

What about Itchy and Scratchy? While we're assigning subtexts, I think Scratchy personifies dhimmitude and Itchy the global jihad.

And then there's those "CAIR"-Bears. But hey, *shuffling feet, looking at watch*, that's... you know... "above my paygrade." (Translation: "My cartoons are on.")

Posted on 02/26/2006 10:30 PM by Marisol Seibold
20 Mar 2010

 Here I am, amusing myself by browsing the NER archives in a spare moment, and what do I find? - in the comments to a piece on Tom and Jerry and mad Mohammedan conspiracy theories spun about same, I find a discussion of...Teletubbies!

Well I remember them.  They were on (Aussie) ABC kiddy TV and my two youngest children, toddler second daughter and infant second son, watched them every time they came on, and evidently enjoyed them very much.   

28 Feb 2006
Esmerelda Weatherwax
Oi vay! Big hug.

27 Feb 2006
Send an emailMarisol Seibold
Hmm. Well, they've got video screens lodged in their abdomens, and various conspiracy theories allege that Jews control the media.

Two possible conclusions from Iran:
1. The Teletubbies are Jewish.
2. Since they've apparently swallowed televisions, televisions are kosher.

27 Feb 2006
Esmerelda Weatherwax
So what would he make of the Teletubbies? Criticised by a motley crew of detractors over the years, but (and not just in my opinion) loved by parents for its strong moral message, (love, friendship, family ties, helpfulness, co-operation to a common good) and the interesting things shown during the daily trip through the screen in their tummies. I can recall a visit to a church, Jewish children making dreidels for Hanukah, a Sikh boy learning how to tie a turban and Diwali celebrations. Christmas snow in Canada, giraffes at a wildlife park and they even made using the lift in a Glasgow tower block interesting. Eh oh, big hug!