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Monday, 31 July 2006
Panorama programme - exposing da'wa, jihad and taqiyya

Last night John Ware did a first rate investigation for BBC's Panorama programme of the link between Interpal (George Galloway's favourite charity) and Hamas. The programme, "Faith, Hate and Charity", can be seen here for the next few days, and is highly recommended.

The word "da'wa", variously translated as "proselytising" and "missionary work" came up repeatedly. A recurring theme was the fact that in Islam, religion, charity, politics and jihad are all fused. Particularly chilling were the scenes of children singing songs about dying as martyrs and "making of our skulls a ladder to your glory". John Ware also shows clearly how Muslims present one side for Western consumption and one side when talking among themselves (taqiyya). Towards the end, Qaradawi is shown, first being welcomed by Ken Livingstone, then stating explicitly on Al Jazeera that Europe is to be re-conquered for Islam. On charity, Qaradawi says: "I don't like the word 'donations'. I like to call it 'jihad with money'.  Because God ordered us to fight enemies with our lives and with money." He also talks about the "population bomb", hinting at the demographic conquest, which is a major part of jihad today.

The programme should have gone on to demonstrate that the principles of taqiyya, da'wa and jihad are part and parcel of mainstream Islam, and are mandated by the Koran, Hadith and Sira. John Ware has also exposed the Muslim Council of Britain, but what he has not yet done is join the dots, and show that the problem is not just Hamas, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or the Muslim Council of Britain but Islam itself. However, this criticism aside, and it is not a small one, this was an excellent programme, and it is hard to imagine that it came from the same BBC whose news coverage of matters Islamic, particularly as they involve Israel, is so abysmally one-sided.

Do watch it - it will be 45 minutes well spent.

Posted on 07/31/2006 3:56 AM by Mary Jackson
31 Jul 2006
Send an emailPaul Blaskowicz
I watched it with two friends who often accuse me of exaggerating the mohammedan threat. Even though the programme exposed only the minutest fraction of what WE know to be on the barbarians' agenda, my friends' eyes were opened. Especially enlightening for them was the brazen bare-faced --oops, no -the covered-faced -- lying of the evil bint (a headmistress!) in the head-to-toe sack. "What hizbollah flags? There are no hizbollah flags..." And qaradawi's response about the reconquest of Europe either by the sword or by demographics. When are we going to hear these savages interviewed by people who know something about islam and its satanic books, instead of by polite no-nothings at the BBC, who just accept the platitudes and taqiyya of the islamists, because they haven't made the effort to inform themselves about mohammedanism from its primary sources.

31 Jul 2006
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Greenmamba - the bruvverz at MPACUK are squealing with rage like so many little piglets. I think the programme must have hit the spot indeed.

31 Jul 2006
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I didn't get to even see if it was on here in the colonies but it must have been good. MPAC-UK is positively foaming at the mouth:

ALERT: John Ware's Desperate Attempt to Discredit Muslims

31 Jul 2006
I'm not certain if it's a limitation of my system or if it's because I'm in the US . . .but I could not watch the John Ware BBC video. It would be great if this video could be uploaded to Google video or YouTube for global access. I came to this website via Granny Weatherwax's comment at DW. Not being familiar with the previous blog entries . . .the following links may be redundant . . . Currently, there are two very good videos online - both over an hour long - created by the folks at Honest Reporting . . . Relentless - and Obsession, What the war on terror is really about - It is not clear whether Honest Reporting posted this videos since they are still offered for sale at the Honest Reporting website. I do want to see more videos like these made easily available online - and still support the work (financially) of the brave reporters that take all the risks. Again . . .well worth the time spent to view. Perhaps, sometime soon, we will be able to view the recently released video "Islam, What the West needs to know" online as well. Great blog . . .thanks for allowing me to respond.