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Monday, 31 July 2006
Barf-Bag Alert
This is one of those days when you need a barf bag handy while reading the newspapers.

From the New York Post:

"President Bush called for a 'sustainable peace' in the Middle East 'for the sake of children'..."  
"For the sake of children?"  What will the President tell us next, that when jihadis are hurting, government must move?  WFB was right about this guy.

"His smooth baby skin was mottled purple with bruising and his reddish hair frosted by cement dust, but nine-month-old Abbas Mahmoud Hashem wore a hauntingly peaceful expression when rescue workers reached him yesterday."  

Now look:  I like kids as much as the next person (so long as that person isn't W.C. Fields).  HOWEVER:  If we think we can win wars without killing any kids, we better get ready to lose a lot of wars.
Posted on 07/31/2006 10:01 AM by John Derbyshire
31 Jul 2006
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Under the current assumptions of what constitutes "Just War" according to our media and chattering classes, every war ever fought by anyone, at any time, for whatever reason, has been unjust. If one wants to argue for total pacifism, this is at least a coherent position, if logically indefensible. But to avoid the opprobrium of pacifism by espousing "Just War" strictures, while setting those strictures so tight that no actual military action could possibly meet them, is disingenuous.