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Thursday, 31 January 2008
What Is In The Royal Danish Library

In addition to the Muhammad cartoons, what else might be in the Royal Danish Library?

An immaculate copy of Flora Danica, with all the plates.

Early Icelandic epics.

Manuscripts by Hans Christian Andersen, including letters to the Melchior family.

And many, not as valuable on the market as those Andersen first editions and copies of Flora Danica, but invaluable for their testimony, such as these:

Mentze E. 5 Years. The Occupation of Denmark in Pictures. Sweden. 1946.

Michelsen K. They Died For Us. In Memory of Allied airmen who lost their lives in Denmark during the Second World War. The Scandinavian Pub. Co. 1946 Covers the British Graves and memorials for fallen British airmen over Denmark in WWII.

Flender H. Rescue in Denmark. How occupied Denmark rose as a nation to save the Danish Jews from Nazi extermination.

Petrow R. The Bitter Years. The Invasion and Occupation of Denmark and Norway. April 1940- May 1945.

And about that "They Died For Us" book -- can you imagine anyone in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or any other Muslim country, ever putting out a book dedicated to the memory of American, British, NATO or "Coalition" forces, with expressions of heartfelt gratitude for being rescued from the Taliban, or from Saddam Hussein, or any other lords of Muslim misrule?

No? Why not?

Posted on 01/31/2008 8:44 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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