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Saturday, 28 January 2006
Lebs vs Locals in Australia

The Australian has more on the aftermath of the Cronulla riots here.

First there were rapes, then there were gang rapes then there were riots: all perpetrated by Australia's latest arrivals, the "Lebs" or Lebanese Muslims, or Muslims in general.  The confusion as to what to call them, of course, lies in the fact that politically correct Australian media are absolutely insistent that the whole problem stems from the alleged "racism" of the locals.  Over 30 "white men" (read, non-Muslims) have been arrested for participation in the skirmishes with Muslims, while none of the Muslim Lebanese (who started the whole thing by beating up two lifeguards) have been arrested.

"Peter Debnam, in the riskiest political move of his five months so far as Opposition leader in NSW, took up the cause. He claimed the state Labor Government of Premier Morris Iemma had encouraged police to go soft on revenge attackers, most thought to be Middle Eastern, because of what he called Labor's political correctness."

First, the police claimed to have no evidence of the beatings of locals by "Lebs," but then a video surfaced clearly showing just such a beating by  "30 Lebanese bashing a bystander at Cronulla after the riot."

Police are backing off  "Lebanese" neighborhoods and not enforcing the laws of Australia there, because 1) political correctness imposes fear of law suits, 2) control of the police force has been given over to civilian ministries besotted by political correctness and 3) plain, old fashioned fear "of Lebanese gangs that, they say, have absolutely no respect for police, threaten to harm their families and have weapons they are quite prepared to use. "

No country can survive the loss of sovereignty from within.  The laws of Australia must be enforced everywhere, especially in immigrant neighborhoods.

Posted on 01/28/2006 8:45 AM by Rebecca Bynum
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