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Wednesday, 1 March 2006
At 75, Gorbachev Laments U.S. 'Arrogance'

This caught my eye, particularly in light of Rebecca's remarks on Russia in "My Restoration Weekend" on the main page.

From AP, via Yahoo! News:

Mikhail Gorbachev's magnetic brown eyes shine as brightly as ever, and he speaks with the same passion about the collapse of the Soviet Union as he prepares to mark his 75th birthday on Thursday.

Alright, first things first: The above, bold-faced phrase juxtaposes two mental images that are the least likely ever to be placed in the same sentence, even by the proverbial "monkeys at typewriters." No, MG is definitely not in the "magnetic brown eyes" file.

Now, then:

The man who ended the Cold War and launched democratic reforms that broke the repressive Soviet regime continues to enjoy the limelight, globe-trotting on behalf of his political foundation and environmental group and taking part in charity projects.

Poppycock. With a side of horsefeathers. Saying Gorbachev ended the Cold War is like saying Hitler ended WWII in Europe by shooting himself. It was already over by that point.

At a meeting with foreign reporters this week, Gorbachev blamed the United States for losing a chance to build a safer and more stable world following the Soviet demise.

"Ending the Cold War was given as a gift" to the United States, but it only strengthened its arrogance and unilateralism, he said. "The winner's complex is worse than an inferiority complex, because it's harder to cure."

A gift? You lost!

As far as opportunities lost, it seems Gorbachev didn't name any in particular, but just engaged in bellyaching over the USSR's lost opportunity to be even more arrogant and absolutely unilateralist if, heaven forbid, it had emerged as the dominant superpower.

It's also interesting to note that the countries that truly harm the safety and stability of the world today were wined, dined, and armed by the USSR, either as fellow communists, like North Korea, or under the umbrella of the aptly mis-named Non-Aligned Movement. Just a quick glance over who's flying MiGs at the Federation of American Scientists website-- for example, the MiG 21 is in the arsenal of Sudan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and North Korea, among others-- is very telling.

And in the case of the Islamic bloc, they armed those who would now seek to destroy them, along with the rest of the West. In her article, Rebecca had mentioned the Red / Black alliance-- Moscow didn't think that one through, did they?

How are the antics of those countries America's fault, except for by thwarting the Soviets' efforts toward even greater worldwide domination?

Time for the band to play Gorbachev off the world stage-- how about to "Them There Eyes?"

Posted on 03/01/2006 12:39 PM by Marisol Seibold
1 Mar 2006
Send an emailRebecca Bynum
I agree with you Marisol. Gorby has gone on too long and if I have to hear the word arrogant and America in the same sentence one more time, I'm gonna puke. I mean, could he be any shallower? America the scapegoat, on and on. If he wants to be a great statesman he could try explaining to the Russian people how a real alliance with the US against the forces of Islam would be a particular advantage. They should take the chance while they have it. The world is polarizing. The Russians will try to triangulate. That's what we have ahead. No help from the east in any way. I don't know about the arming. It seems to me we have needed to get control of our arms industry for a long time. They arm who we don't and we arm who they don't. The entire world is armed and dangerous these days.

1 Mar 2006
Send an emailJuan Golblado
Gorbachev seemed to want to reform the Soviet Union toward political and econonomic liberalism. I think western leaders were afraid that the attempt would fail and they would still have the USSR to content with. So they let him go out on a limb and then helped to saw off that limb. Obviously, one can't say even with hindsight whether they could actually have done business with Gorbachev. But if they could have Russia would be a happier, healthier and wealthier place than it is today, and it would have been a better friend to the West than it is today. What they got instead was vast unknown stretches of instability.