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Thursday, 28 February 2008
Talking of beer goggles...

Actually, I'm the only person on this site to talk of beer goggles. But that's nothing. I'm the only person on Google apart from two others to talk about "contributory negligee". And one of the google-thwarters was accidental.

Back to beer goggles - the excellent TV quiz programme QI (Quite Interesting) is hosted by Stephen Fry. When one of the panel mentioned "beer goggles", Fry, who is quite posh, didn't know what they were and had to have them explained. Beer goggles, said Alan Davies, are, like, when someone looks good because you've had a few. "Stephen doesn't wear beer goggles," heckled another panel member, "He wears Madeira pince-nez."

Posted on 02/28/2008 7:37 PM by Mary Jackson
29 Feb 2008
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Koalas, Korrections, Kommas & Karrillo
Before signing, or leaving off, I should have noticed the lack of a question mark after WFB's famous answer and the comma that snuck in after "Ladies of the Night".  There were probably other errors made, but for me, as Ms. Malaprop might say, proofreading is like pulling hens' teeth.  I'll try to make amends with the below, but the principal isn't as cute, or, come to think of it, as funny, as, say, a Koala.
by Tony Carrillo
Today's Comic

29 Feb 2008
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 [nothing to match the quality of "contributory negligee", but hip-deep in quantity]

Gobnubilating Popeye
Or Bump & Baloney Grinder
I doubt that noble Mary will get her nightie or Knickers in a promissory knot* (better used with silk scarves and bedposts) over my mild surmise that she doesn't hold truck or pull train with negligee oblige**, given her efforts to obnubilate (or at least obnibblelate around the edges), adumbrate, or cast back to the outer darkness and shadows on this side of the pond, "obligate." 
For some, all that's needed for a good time is the query, "Hello Sailor; new in town?" and a salt and battery (well, sometimes two C or D cells). Remembering "hiding the sausage," and speaking of an old "salt," who can forget Popeye's anti-Islamic classic, "Salami, Salami, Baloney!"? Popeye gets kinky with olive oil (not extra virgin; see Sweet Pea, born out of wedlock), a practice picked up from the Count of Monte Crisco.
This is probably as good a time as any to remember what William F. Buckley said when asked why Attorney General Robert Kennedy refused to appear on Firing Line: "Why does baloney reject the grinder."
Those who are want to make love like lagomorphs (though stopping short the wanton act of dressing up as a knight in leporidae skin), putting the cuneiform in cuniculi, cunicula, should be glad to know there's no law agin' it, as covered in the doctrine of Wants and Warrens.
It's getting late; time to give the slip to the surly bonds of fashion; time to slip into something more comfortable; time for sleep that knits up the raveled sleeveless chemise; and before signing off, observe that some Ladies of the Night, are shift workers.-
*Technically, a Googlewhack, but it appears to be from one of those drug-pushing emails which contain gibberish designed to skirt spam filters.
**Unintentional and Germanic?