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Friday, 29 February 2008
A Certain Centenary

The poem about the panther prompted thoughts of other Rilke-connected cats, and hence to this birthday acknowledgement which, if we are not careful to limit our thoughts, just might lead to Arezzo and that ovum struthionis noted by Millard Meiss many years ago:

Posted on 02/29/2008 3:06 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
1 Mar 2008
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Leaving behind the Sunny Days of that special Summertime when the weather is fine, we return, like a starving artist to his garret, to:
Claire's Knee  
 Baffling Mirror With Black Velvet Backdrop

1 Mar 2008
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Rilke, Patron of The Aves (Struthionidae)
Dagnabbit!  I thought for an instant that Hugh was throwing a bone to the idiot* who translated the poem for the Valentine's Day card by tossing out "Klossowski", but noooooooooo; he was referencing the brother of the man who might have penned Balthus, Spake Zarathustra.  He did, however, prompt thoughts of other Butley-related cats, who are forever linked to "Have a drink; have a drive; go out and see what you can find...", a hint for the taking by would-be heart-breakers and life-takers which must make M.A.D.D. mad.
*Why me?  Why not me; time to stick my head in the sand; if not destroyed, then at least weaker.

1 Mar 2008
Hugh Fitzgerald
A little more letterpress:
Rilke était  ami et amant de sa mère Baladine.
A douze ans, il publie, à Zurich, ses premiers dessins dans un recueil préfacé par Rilke, intitulé Mitsou, nom d'un chat qu'il avait trouvé et ensuite perdu.
Details in his painting "La Rue" link to a fresco cycle by Piero in Arezzo.
He was born on February 29, 1908.
Someone had to observe, however obliquely, what I forthrightly called “a certain centenary.”
Why not me?  

1 Mar 2008
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A Certain Special Someone's Centenary?
Silly goose that I am, I'm once again drawn onto the waters of Google by HF and I've come back from the well with empty hands except for now seeing that there seems to be a red heart and a red ovum/ball above, and for a poem in "traditional German" which evencan make out, and which could make for a good egg of a Valentine's Day ( not so good for Easter) card for that. special. someone:
"der Himmel ist blau
die Eier sind rot
ich will dich lieben
bis in den Tod"
-loosely translated and sometimes found on bathroom walls:
Roses are red
Eggs are white
Nietzsche's dead;
That piece of shite