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Monday, 31 March 2008
An Unlikely Candidate

by Rebecca Bynum

ijay Kumar is a candidate for Congress from Tennessee’s fifth congressional district which includes the city of Nashville. This Congressional seat is currently held by Jim Cooper, a Democrat with a background as a lawyer and in private capital fundraising. He is the son of Tennessee Governor Prentice Cooper (who served three two-year terms from 1939-1945) and is well entrenched in state politics having previously served as congressional representative in Tennessee’s more rural 4th district. Going up against such a well-known politician is a formidable task, but Kumar is up to the challenge. He says the political turning point for him came on September 11, 2001. more...

Posted on 03/31/2008 5:09 PM by NER
8 Nov 2009
Robert Humphries

14 Jun 2008

I  hope that  people in Nashville are going to wake up and support Vijay Kumar.

We need more people like him representing the state of Tennessee. Maybe , Mr Cooper is a great guy with a lot of local experience but the most important issue in the coming election is Radical Islam and the Threat to Democracy. and somebody with a background like  Vijay is more qualified for the job.

We  can bring all other issues on the table, like abortion. health., taxes only if we are STILL ALIVE TO DO IT.

Sept 11 did not affect the South ...... New York is far from Nashville... but Tennessee must know that there is a Trojan Horse in this country  ready to unleash  its rage against the Western civilisation, against our freedom of speech and its name is Radical Islam.

It is a matter of fact that many Muslims ,who fled their country to avoid the Sharia Law ,are going to vote for Vijay.

They know better than anybody else the danger of this ideology.

I beg all Republican fellows to put aside their interest and elect the one who will be able to protect our lifestyle and our freedom.  God help Vijay.


5 Apr 2008
Norman Berdichevsky

May Vijay Kumar follow in the footsteps of newly elected Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindall. A native of Louisiana but of Indian descent, Jindall was elected Governor in  October, 2007, with 54 percent of the vote in the primary, winning 60 of 64 parishes. Jindal has made ethics reform the cornerstone of his adnimistration and vowed to make Louisiana’s ethics (once an absolute oxymoron misnomer)  laws THE standard for the rest of the nation.

3 Apr 2008
Send an emailRob Frazier
The iconolast indeed!  His views on foreign policy are quite refreshing with the insight that only one raised in an Eastern culture can posess.  He is clear-eyed on the complexity of dealing with  Muslim sects in the context of Universal Jihad, for instance; something that we Americans miss with our simplistic thinking about foreigners.  He is right when he says we have done all we can for the ever-feuding Iraqis and should concentrate on the group that has consistently supported us and demonstrated the ability to govern themselves - the Kurds.   His pro-life views are agreeable to many like me who nevertheless do not agree with many of other policies of the Neo-Cons, the ones who control the Republican Party for now.  If America can elect a African-American as president, as may likely occur in the fall, why not an Indian-American to Congress?  I like what I see in Vijay.

3 Apr 2008
Stephanie M.
Mr. Vijay Kumar is the man for this position.  He's an honest, sincere, dedicated, intelligent man who will represent Tennessee with the highest honors and will stand by his word.  My vote is for Mr. Kumar.

3 Apr 2008
Send an emailarish sahani
I don't know kumar but after reading his toughts i know  why he thinks like this .Its all becauseo f his upbringing in the culture of hinduism which cultures your mind for openness and make you  think logically make your own decisions and work for truth and rightness. i am sure he will prove agreat leader and work to bring safety and peace in the region.

1 Apr 2008
Send an emailPorzitsku

I've known Vijay for over twenty years and know him to be a truthful, intelligent and dedicated man.  The entrenched interests for Mr. Cooper will make this a difficult campaign, but if anyone can pull it off, it is Vijay.

Mr. Cooper is too comfy, too smug and too out of touch with middle and lower class middle Tennesseans to serve us, so he is concentrating on serving himself and those entrenched interests who "own" him. sending Mr. Cooper a message doesn't seem to work at all. Time to take action.