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Tuesday, 1 April 2008
Father 'killed daughter who met man on Facebook'
A YOUNG woman was beaten and shot dead by her father for talking online with a man she met on the Facebook website, according to a Saudi-owned news website.
The case was reported on as an example of the "strife" the social networking site is causing in the ultra- conservative desert kingdom, where a prominent cleric is calling for Facebook to be blocked.
It was reported the man shot his daughter in Riyadh last August. "Security sources assured the father beat his daughter and then shot her dead," the website said.
A leading Saudi preacher told that Facebook was a "door to lust" for women and called for it to be blocked to prevent social "strife".  Sheikh Ali al-Maliki said women were posting "revealing pictures" and "behaving badly" on the site, which has become popular with young Saudis.  
Internet engineers said young Saudis were using Facebook to flirt and make "webcam calls".
Syria is the only Arab country to have blocked Facebook so far.
Posted on 04/01/2008 1:43 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
1 Apr 2008

dear readers

It is a matter of shame that the people are going to justified shameful act of others in the name of social justice.

Islam prohibits women to go out freely and  talking with males .

these websites really very bed for a cultured socity .

such web sites should be banned not only from Saudi Arabia but from everywher.