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Friday, 30 May 2008
Unlike Americans, The British Are Masters Of Deceit

And that is why the Americans were led by the nose by Burgess and McLean and Philby, while the British had their number all along.

And that is also why those masters of deception, the British, have been similarly on to the Muslims --- the ones who have been steadily filling up their country, by the hundreds of thousands, and now the millions -- all along. When the time is right, the British will show how cleverly they've handled the whole thing.

They're masters of deceit, those British. They know exactly what they're doing.

But Americans -- oh, you can look high, and you can look low, but you'll never run across a diabolically clever American. Such people just don't exist. Americans? Mere children. Every last man jack of them.

Posted on 05/30/2008 9:46 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
31 May 2008
John M. J.

the Muslims --- the ones who have been steadily filling up their country,

Yep, right. 1.2 million muslims in 60 million people and over half of the muslims here are over fifty and outwith the breeding profile. That leaves 500,000 to 600,000 muslims capable of breeding in the UK. The total UK breeding profile is 37 million people at the moment (figures based on the last census). Just what have we got worry about - remind me - when muslims represent less than one per cent of the breeding population? Granted, well down this road we might have a problem but there is no 'clear and present danger' - unless the idiots who govern us continue to let them in!

I think that they have a long way to go!

31 May 2008
John M. J.

Oh, my dear fellow, you must understand that when dealing with our allies - our betters - guile doesn't enter into it. We would never seek to confuse our American friends, honestly, we wouldn't! What you see is what you get.

What's that I hear you say. You don't actually think that you're seing everything. How shocking! What on Earth could have put that thought into your mind? Don't be silly! We have nothing to hide from you, our best and most trusted friend. Honestly, we're not hiding anything. No, really, we are not hiding anything. Really, we are not. No, really we aren't. Honestly. No, believe us, we are not, honestly, hiding anything from you. Really. No, we're not, honestly. Believe us, we wouldn't do that. Really! What have we got to hide that we couldn't share with you. Come on now. don't be silly - we just wouldn't do that to you - no, really, we wouldn't.


Good grief, you're just prejudiced. We British don't lie - especially to you. Believe me, we have your best interests at heart - honestly. Now, just to be friendly, pick a card, any card...


30 May 2008
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This must be sarcasm. Never knew you lot could do that.