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Saturday, 31 May 2008
Standpoint - the New Encounter?

Roger Kimball thinks so:

Judging by its first issue, it will amply live up to its promise “to celebrate and defend Western civilization, its achievements and its values.”

Edited by the distinguished journalist and historian Daniel Johnson, Standpoint eschews both the politically correct pieties that have insinuated themselves disastrously into so much serious cultural journalism over the past few decades as well as the tawdry commercialism that has rendered many hitherto vital periodicals indistinguishable from inflight magazines. There has been nothing as vibrant and engaging in English journalism since Encounter closed some two decades ago. “Give me a point on which to stand,” said Archimedes, “and I will move the world.” Welcome to Standpoint, which I expect will move and inform the world of cultural controversy and opinion. Click here to subscribe to Standpoint.

What is more, in its defence of Western values, it will not avoid the topic of Islam, as so many otherwise admirable magazines do. Esmerelda has already linked to two impressive pieces on the subject.

Is it the New Encounter? I wouldn't know. It's a very different kind of name, both rhythmically and etymologically. "Encounter", from Old French, once meant "confront", but now means "come across", and suggests open-mindedness. "Standpoint", a loan translation of German "Standpunkt", suggest resolution and clarity of thought. When encountering - or confronting - Islam, the latter is more appropriate.

Or perhaps it's just a name.

Posted on 05/31/2008 7:33 AM by Mary Jackson
31 May 2008
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When searching for a name for our magazine, "New Encounter" was proposed, but unfortunately the domain was taken and also unfortunately, used for some kind of porn site. We kept "Encounter" in the name of the funding arm - World Encounter Institute, which sounds sufficiently non-descript for our purposes, though Hugh says it sounds like some kind of UFO organization.